April 9: Queer Africa with Desiree Lewis and Keguro Macharia

Queer Africa the third in the series Globally Queer? — a talk with Desiree Lewis, Keguro Macharia, & Tavia Nyong’o Tuesday, April 9 6 to 8 pm Department of Social & Cultural Analysis 20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor Desiree Lewis, Women and Gender Studies, University of the Western Cape, South Africa “Scripting Sexualities in Post-Apartheid […]

New Majorities, Shifting Priorities: difference & demographics in the 21st century

NEW MAJORITIES, SHIFTING PRIORITIES difference and demographics in the 21st century university March 4, Friday all day for more information and schedule, please visit http://www.csw.ucla.edu/events/new-majorities-shifting-priorities participants include Laura Briggs, Lisa Duggan, Rod Ferguson, Inderpal Grewal, Laura Kang, Kathleen McHugh, Angela Riley, Sarita See, Jenny Sharpe, Sandra Soto, and Kathryn Bond Stockton University of California, Los […]