March 26: Here Lies Love: Making Sense of Martial Law in the Philippines

Here Lies Love: Making Sense of Martial Law in the Philippines a lecture by Christine Bacareza Balance March 26, Thursday 6:30 to 8 pm Christine Balance, Asian American Studies, Culture and Theory, & Women’s Studies, University of California Irvine In Here Lies Love (2014), an immersive theatrical experience created by musician David Byrne, DJ/producer Fatboy […]

Oct 23: Anxiety, Whitman, Sympathy: lecture by Jane Bennett

Anxiety, Whitman, Sympathy a lecture by Jane Bennett October 23, Thursday 6:30 to 8 pm Jane Bennett, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University American public culture is today full of anxiety, ceaselessly renewed by the news and entertainment media, by government claims and policies, by everyday exposure to extensive surveillance, disciplinary, and militarized technologies. Anxiety is, […]

Cleaving to the Scene of Shame: Stigmatized Childhoods in The End of Alice and Two Girls, Fat and Thin

a lecture by Kaye Mitchell April 4, Wednesday 6 to 7:30 pm Kaye Mitchell, American Studies and English, University of Manchester respondent: Heather Love, English, University of Pennsylvania moderator: Ann Pellegrini, Performance Studies and Religious Studies, New York University Department of Social and Cultural Analysis 20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor This event is free and […]

Reading Lawrence King, Re-reading Rodney King: lecture by Gayle M. Salamon

READING LAWRENCE KING, RE-READING RODNEY KING a lecture by Gayle M. Salamon February 9, Wednesday 6:30 to 8 pm Gayle M. Salamon, English, Princeton This talk focuses on Lawrence King, the gender transgressive and gay 15-year-old who was shot to death by a classmate in his Oxnard, California middle school in 2008. Professor Salamon will […]

The Feeling of Kinship: Queer Liberalism & the Racialization of Intimacy: David L. Eng

THE FEELING OF KINSHIP: QUEER LIBERALISM AND THE RACIALIZATION OF INTIMACY A lecture by David L. Eng This talk has been CANCELED — we will reschedule for the fall 2011 semester — we apologize for the inconvenience. David L. Eng, University of Pennsylvania This talk is drawn from David L. Eng’s recent book The Feeling […]

Different Subjects: Aesthetics and U.S. Minority Discourse

March 23, Tuesday 6:30 to 8 PM Kandice Chuh, English, University of Maryland This talk brings together aesthetic theory and U.S. minority discourse. By doing so, Chuh illuminates the longstanding and intimate relationship between aesthetics and “difference,” and shows how the critical vantage of minority discourse revises trenchant understandings of, especially, aesthetic subjectivity. This new […]

Historicizing Erotohistoriography: A Lecture by Elizabeth Freeman

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED. WE HOPE TO RESCHEDULE FOR SOMETIME NEXT YEAR. Elizabeth Freeman, English, UC Davis Developmentalist accounts of psychological and bodily becoming plot the “growth” and “maturation” of both individual subjects and populations in ways that reduce what counts as a viable social formation or a livable life. Taking issue with the […]

Teaching Sex-De/Constructing Bodies, Categories & Norms: Feminist Sex Shops in the U.S. & Sweden

October 12, Monday 12:30 to 1:45 PM Nina Lykke, Gender Studies, Linköping University, and director of the Centre of Gender Excellence (GEXcel) 41-51 East 11th Street, Room 709 between University Place and Broadway This presentation draws from Nina Lykke’s ongoing research on alternative sex education in the U.S. and Sweden. These “alternative” sites and media […]

Reframing Globalisation and Internationalism: Feminism in India and the Question of Asia

Mary E. John, Director, Center for Women in Developing Societies, New Delhi ISERP’s project on “Gender and the Global Locations of Liberalism,” and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Columbia University, invite you to a talk and discussion with Mary E. John is Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Women in Developing Societies, […]