Ricanness: Enduring Time in Anticolonial Performance

a book presentation & talk with Sandra Ruiz Moving between theatre, experimental video, revolutionary protest, photography, poetry, and durational performance art, Ruiz merges the philosophical, social, and psychic at the site of non-linear aesthetic practices. In doing so, the author argues that Ricanness operates as a continual performance of bodily endurance against U.S. colonialism, unfolding […]

Siting A/P/A Studies: A Celebration of Scholars

book celebration, presentations, & a roundtable discussion with Cristina Beltrán, Liz Ellis, Nicole Fleetwood, Nell Geiser, Ronak K. Kapadia, Manu Karuka, & Jan Padios Ronak K. Kapadia, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago Manu Karuka, American Studies, Barnard College Jan Padios, American Studies, University of Maryland We celebrate three new books by […]

An Indefinite Sentence: A Personal History of India’s Inspiring Movements for LGBT and Sex Workers’ Rights

a talk with Siddharth Dube Join us for a book talk with Siddharth Dube, the author of An Indefinite Sentence: A Personal History of Outlawed Love and Sex, a memoir that takes on issues of love, sexuality, and oppression through Dube’s personal and political journey as a gay man. “[A] heart-stopping memoir of being gay in India […]

Women & Migration: Responses in Art & History

a book conversation with Kalia Nelson, Ellyn Toscano, & Deborah Willis Kalia Nelson, African American & African Diaspora Studies, Columbia University Ellyn Toscano, Programming, Patnerships, & Community Engagement, New York University in Brooklyn Deborah Willis, Photography & Imaging, New York University Join us for lively presentations and conversation from some of the dynamic editors and […]

Terrifying Drag

a conversation with Faluda Islam & LaWhore Vagistan RSVP: apa.nyu.edu/events This conversation brings together two fabulous US-based South Asian drag queens, Faluda Islam and LaWhore Vagistan, to discuss a broad array of topics connected to the aesthetics of their practices. Specifically: pastiche as a mode of re-making the world; death as well as conviviality as […]

John Kelly: Underneath the Skin

a performance by John Kelly Tickets: https://nyuskirball.org/events/john-kelly-underneath-skin/ Created and performed by John Kelly, Underneath the Skin, is a new solo work of dance-theater drawn from the life of the societal and sexual maverick, Samuel Steward (1909-1993). A novelist, poet, and scholar, Steward abandoned his post as a staid university professor to reinvent himself as a […]

Thinking Unruly Aesthetics

a roundtable with Kandice Chuh, Allan deSouza, & Gayatri Gopinath, moderated by Alpesh Kantilal Patel Kandice Chuh, English, Graduate Center, City University of New York Allan deSouza, Art Practice, University of California, Berkeley Gayatri Gopinath, Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University Alpesh Kantilal Patel, Contemporary Art & Theory, Florida International University This roundtable places […]

Bodyminds Reimagined

a book talk with Sami Schalk Sami Schalk, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison In Bodyminds Reimagined Sami Schalk traces how black women’s speculative fiction complicates the understanding of bodyminds—the intertwinement of the mental and the physical—in the context of race, gender, and (dis)ability. Bridging black feminist theory with disability studies, Schalk demonstrates that […]

Thinking #MeToo Transnationally: Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Taiwan

a roundtable with Zineb Belmkaddem, Mona Eltahawy, Tejaswini Niranjana, Kyla Pasha, & Sarah Suhail, moderated by Fawzia Afzal-Khan & Gayatri Gopinath Zineb Belmkaddem, activist Mona Eltahawy, author & activist Tejaswini Niranjana, Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Kyla Pasha, The Feminist Collective, Pakistan Sarah Suhail, The Feminist Collective, Pakistan What does #MeToo look like beyond […]

Wild Bore

a performance with Zoe Coombs Marr, Ursula Martinez, & Adrienne Truscott Tickets: https://nyuskirball.org/events/wild-bore/ The first rule of making art is don’t respond to your critics. But in the U.S. premiere of Wild Bore, three masters of smart, political and outrageous comedy delve into the torrent of critical fury that has been aimed at baffling, misunderstood […]