“She thought it was the misfortune of poetry to be seldom safely enjoyed by those who enjoyed it completely; and that the strong feelings which alone could estimate it truly were the very feelings which ought to taste it but sparingly." -Jane Austen

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“Spanking and Poetry”: An Exhibition & Conference on Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

February 25-26, 2010

CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue New York City

Visit the “Spanking and Poetry” website for more info.

Gender, Sexuality, and Social Transformation in South Korea

Colloquium and Photo Exhibition at NYU

Organizers: Sealing Cheng, Assistant Prof., Women’s Studies, Wellesley: Henry Em, Associate Prof., NYU East Asian Studies:

The aim of the photo exhibition, colloquium, and methods workshop is to analyze and intervene in the debate over sex work/prostitution in South Korea.

Rather than simply confirm victimhood, or […]

VULVAGRAPHICS: An intervention in honor of female genital diversity!

Recent years have seen increased concerns about genital appearance for women, alongside publicity about labiaplasty and other procedures to cosmetically alter female genital appearance. It seems that there is a general lack of knowledge of vulva diversity, meaning that:

Many women don’t know whether their vulva looks ‘normal’ Some women compare their vulva to […]

*** SPRING 2018 EVENTS ***

*** SPRING 2018 EVENTS ***