“The work of the political activist inevitably involves a certain tension between the requirement that position be taken on current issues as they arise and the desire that one's contributions will somehow survive the ravages of time.” -Angela Davis

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Sept 24: Keeping America Pure: The State, the Church, & the Migrant Body

keeping america pureKeeping America Pure: The State, the Church, & the Migrant Body

a lecture by Lois Lorentzen

September 24, Thursday
6 to 8 pm

Lois Lorentzen, Theology & Religious Studies and the Center for Latino/a Studies in the Americas, University of San Francisco

The U.S./Mexico border is the most militarized border in the world between two “friendly countries.” This unofficial war zone marks the U.S. government’s desire to keep the undocumented out. Along the same border, religious groups help migrants who have been deported or are in transit. They provide shelter, food, clothing, sturdy boots for desert crossings, phone calls home, counseling, and medical care – to most undocumented migrants, that is. When it comes to transgender sex workers and their undocumented migrant bodies, Church and State seem to be in agreement about the need for purity and good order. Faced with this twinned opposition, many undocumented migrants, and especially LGBTQ migrants, turn to “border” saints to help them on their way: the patron saint of Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe, certainly; but “rogue” saints not approved by the Catholic Church also travel with migrants: Jesus Malverde, San Toribio Romo, Santa Muerte. Based on research with deported migrants at the Nogales, AZ/Nogales, Mexico border and with transgender sex workers in San Francisco, this talk analyses the way multiple borders – of nation, sex/gender, and “deviant” saints – are being contested by church, state, and undocumented migrants.

Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor

Co-sponsored by the NYU the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics and the Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality, with the support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

This event is free & open to the public. Venue is wheelchair-accessible.

For more information about this event, contact the Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics at 212-998-1631.

Facebook event page here.

Photo: Jerry Berndt

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** FALL 2017 EVENTS **

** FALL 2017 EVENTS **

Intimate Relations: A Genealogy of Queer/Performativity

Intimate Relations: A Genealogy of Queer/Performativity

a lecture by Amelia Jones

October 25, Wednesday
6 to 7:30 pm

Performance Studies Studio
721 Broadway, room 612

The Right to Maim

The Right to Maim

a discussion & celebration of the new book by Jasbir K. Puar with panelists Liat Ben-Moshe, Fred Moten, Helga Tawil-Souri, & Hentyle Yapp, with a response by Jasbir Puar

November 3, Friday
5 to 6:30 pm

19 West 4th Street, room 101

Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape about Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!

Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape about Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!

a performance by Adrienne Truscott, & post-show conversation with Ann Pellegrini

November 10, Friday
7:30 pm

Skirball Center
60 Washington Square South

Listening to Images

Listening to Images

a Decolonizing Vision Speaker Series lecture by Tina Campt

November 20, Monday
6 to 8 pm

285 Mercer Street, 4th Floor