“In effect, we live in a legal, social, and institutional world where the only relations possible are extremely few, extremely simplified, and extremely poor. There is, of course, the relation of marriage, and the relations of family, but how many other relations should exist…!” -Michel Foucault

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Dec 5: Shaming, Flaming: Lawrence King & the Murderous Regulation of Gender Non-conforming Youth

Shaming, Flaming: Lawrence King & the Murderous Regulation of Gender Non-conforming Youth

a forum with Ken Corbett & Gayle M. Salamon

December 5, Friday
5 to 7 pm

Ken Corbett, Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, New York University

Gayle M. Salamon, English, Princeton University

In February 2008, Larry King, a 15-year-old gender nonconforming teenager of color, was shot and killed at point blank range by his 14-year-old classmate, Brandon McInerney.  In the ensuing murder trial of McInerney, the defense effectively redescribed Larry King’s gender non-conformity and presumed gay-ness as forms of aggression against McInerney.  Larry’s “flamboyance” became the smoking gun that caused his killer to snap.  The jury was unable to reach consensus and a mistrial was declared.  (McInerney eventually pled guilty to lesser charges, avoiding a retrial.)  Both of the speakers at this forum attended McInerney’s trial in the summer of 2011.  And both are now completing book-length studies that meditate on the Larry King case to examine the everyday forms of violence that ensnare queer subjects, where “queer” includes queerness of gender identity, sexuality, race, and bodily comportment.

Jurow Hall, Silver Center
100 Washington Square East

Co-sponsored by the NYU Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality, and the Dean of the College of Arts & Science.

This event is free & open to the public. Venue is wheelchair accessible.

For more information, please contact CSGS at csgs(at) or 212-992-9540.

Facebook event page here.

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    *** SPRING 2018 EVENTS ***