Inaugural Global Visiting Scholar: P.A. Skantze

CSGS Inaugural Global Visiting Scholar: spring 2014

P.A. Skantze

P.A. Skantze is a director, writer and spectator of theatre and performance based in London and Italy. She works internationally with her performance company Four Second Decay. Her performance projects include All that Fell an experiment in physical radio, Audible Montage or Eurydice’s Footsteps, and Stacks. Author of Stillness in Motion in the Seventeenth-Century Theatre (Routledge 2003) and Itinerant Spectator/Itinerant Spectacle (Punctum 2013) Skantze also writes on sound and the sonic arts, practice as research as a method of considering 17th-century theatre, questions of reception and representation of race and of gender. P.A. Skantze is currently Reader in Performance Practices in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University.

Current research:

While at CSGS I will be pursuing three projects that share an emphasis on voice, practice and new methodologies of writing/speaking theory. 1) Stacks is a musical about the New York Public Library and how it saves the city through the reluctant efforts of a young woman who must enter five books set in New York. Her mission is to save the City from becoming two-dimensional. 2) The Flaneur at Her Devotion is a project that goes out walking and listening developing flanuering [nay flanearing] as a feminist and queer practice against the grain of what Franco Berardi calls the ‘financialization’ of our times. 3) Lyric Theory runs through Skantze’s most recent work exploring writing theory in pentameter. All of these projects form a part of a larger research project: the epistemology of practice as research.