Bridging Struggles, Transforming Resistance: Gender Violence and Prison Industrial Complex Mini-Conference

In 2001, INCITE! & Critical Resistance called on social justice movements to “develop strategies and analyses that address both state AND interpersonal violence, particularly violence against women.” Join us for a mini-conference in which we commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the statement and explore the new ways of thinking about safety, policing and prisons, and organizing that this statement has inspired.

speakers include: * audre lorde project * black women’s blueprint * critical resistance * INCITE! * jahajee sisters * sauti yetu * shakti peer group * sylvia rivera law project * (list in formation)

Monday, December 5

2 to 8 pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue

For more info, call: 212.817.2005 or email: ch(at)

*Please RSVP if you need childcare (how many children & what ages)

Organized by POLICED, a new public seminar series at the CUNY Graduate Center, housed by the Center for the Humanities. This seminar brings together participants from a wide range of backgrounds who work on issues of policing, prison abolition, safety and connected struggles for justice. Through learning and sharing our work together, we hope to gain new insights for engaged work that addresses new/potential solidarities.