Presented by the New View Campaign:

Since 2008, we in the New View Campaign have challenged the growth of a dangerous new industry, female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS), wherein amputations of parts of the vulva (“labiaplasty” “clitoral hood reduction”) are marketed as “enhancement” and “beautification” procedures. On their websites, many FGCS surgeons post before and after photographs that misinform the public about genital diversity, suggesting that all vulvas should look alike and that there is something wrong with full labia. Check some of them out for yourself here and here. There are dozens of such surgeons’ websites.

Part 1 of the New View FGCS VULVANOMICS activism for November, 2011 is an online petition directed to the American College of OB-Gyn and the Federal Trade Commission Division of Consumer Affairs calling for oversight, research, monitoring.

I hope you ALL take the time to sign the petition NOW, post it on your FB page, send it to your colleagues, friends, and family. As of today, we have 289 signatures, and we are aiming much higher!!

Part 2 of VULVANOMICS is an international day of FLASH ACTIVISM

On Saturday, November 19th, 2011, activists all over the US and Canada will converge on the offices of surgeons who perform FGCS. We will specifically target surgeons who have these appalling websites with before and after photos. We believe that surgeons’ informed consent process for these procedures must include information about the range of genital diversity. On November 19 we will target surgeons who make false claims and create self-consciousness and anxiety.

On November 19th, we will be taking (and then uploading) photos of ourselves holding up protest signs in front of these surgeons’ offices that send a very specific message: we support genital diversity!

For more information about the event, how to participate, and a list of FGCS surgeons near you, please e-mail vulvanomicsactivism(at) and indicate that you want information about provider locations, options for signs, and instructions for Flash Activism Day.

I urge you to forward and share this announcement with individuals and lists of people who might like to join us, and stay tuned to hear our plans for the many photos we expect to collect.

Leonore Tiefer and the Vulvanomics team in US, Canada and New Zealand.