Call for Participants: Pop-Up Museum of Queer History Working Groups

The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History invites all interested parties to join us as we begin to develop community-driven working groups to support the organization.

For more information:

Pop-Up is 100% volunteer staffed and run. You can learn more about the current staff at It has always been a goal of the Museum to reflect the diversity of LGBTQ communities not only in its shows, but also in its staffing, structure and vision. With the success of the last three exhibitions (Bushwick, SoHo, and Bloomington), and we believe now is an ideal time to bring new people and fresh perspectives into the organization. In the next two months, we are, in particular, looking to build internal organizational structure and policies, as well engaging our board of directors more effectively and beginning a strategic planning process.

Core Group: The Core Group is currently comprised of the Development Consultant, Curator, Assistant Curator, and CFO (yet to be hired). It will also include an elected representative from each working group and potentially other volunteers on a show by show basis.

Working Groups: Working groups consist of interested community members who want to shape the organizational structure of the Museum and oversee valuable aspects of its day-to-day functioning. Working groups meet 1-2 times a month to review priorities, check in on project progress, and make recommendations to the Museum’s core staff. Each working group elects a representative to attend core organizers’ (aka Core Group) meetings and report on the group’s progress. Detailed descriptions are available below.*

We ask that all working group members make a six-month commitment in order to encourage group efficacy and cohesion, as well as continuity throughout the production of Pop-Up’s upcoming events.

If you are interested in participating in a working group, please email us at queermuseum(at) with your name and the working group you’re interested in as the subject line, as well as a little bit about yourself, your background, particular skill sets, and any other relevant information. We’d love to have your specific talents represented here and we’re open to hearing your recommendations for members if you’ve got collaborators and colleagues you’d like to bring on board.

*The working groups listed below represent the more present needs of the organization, and are not intended to reflect all the opportunities available with the Museum. We encourage people to become a Fan of the Museum on Facebook to stay abreast of additional opportunities to work with us.

Communications: The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History seeks members for a Communications working group to oversee the structuring and execution of a comprehensive communications strategy for the Museum.

The Communications team will share responsibility for the Pop-Up website, listserv, and social media presence, as well as making recommendations to the Core Group regarding best practices. Working group members may also work on press releases and media outreach to promote individual shows or projects.

This group will work closely with the Development working group to create and launch a community outreach strategy to cultivate a strong, grassroots supporter base that affirms and reflects the Museum’s mission.

Development/Fundraising: The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History seeks members for a Development/Fundraising working group to, among other priorities, establish and grow a sustainable funding stream for the museum.

The Development team will be responsible for the identification and vetting of potential funders, as well as writing letters of interest, grant proposals, and funder reports. They will also develop and make recommendations to the Core Group regarding annual donor solicitation campaigns.

This group will work in conjunction with the Communications working group to create and launch a targeted donor acquisition strategy, the goal of which is cultivating a strong, grassroots funding base that affirms and reflects the museum’s mission and target audiences.

Funding Model: The Pop-Up Museum is currently 100% funded by individual donors and local partner organizations/ Funds are raised on an exhibition by exhibition basis through friends-asking-friend style emails and on-site donation opportunities. As part of our strategy of community ownership and involvement in shows, we require that all exhibition hosts raise a portion of the funds necessary to hang the show. While we feel it is important to have a strong individual donor-base, we are also aware that cultivating an institutional funding stream will allow us to expand and pursue new opportunities that may arise where additional funds are required.