Post a Call For Papers: 3R: Response, Re/Action, and Revolt

The Culture Club: Cultural Studies Scholar’s Organization at Bowling Green State University is pleased to announce the seventh annual Battleground States Conference. Battleground States is an interdisciplinary conference aimed at bringing together scholars, artists, and activists to present their work in an intellectually stimulating environment. The title for this year ‘s conference is 3R: Response, Re/Actions, and Revolt. We invite submissions from a variety of fields including, but not limited to, Cultural Studies, English, Comparative Literature, Performance Studies, Film Studies, Communications and Media Studies, History, Art History, Sociology, Criminology, and Psychology, Social Justice. In addition, we welcome submissions from fields such as activism, creative writing, music and art.

The conference will be held from Thursday February 23rd- Sunday February 26th at the Bowling Green State University campus. For further details, please see the attached CFP. Abstracts, panel proposals, and any questions should be submitted to battlegroundstates(at)

Bowling Green State University Presents the 7th Annual Battleground States Conference

3R: Response, Re/Action, Revolt
February 23rd – 26th 2012

This is a call to scholars, activists, students, geographers, educators, artists, and gateopeners who project the voices that promote and progress knowledge and solutions. We seek productive and creative dialogues that invigorate human agency and reconstruct reality in the vision of its peoples. We have witnessed history, both draconian and radical: now it is time to inspire, teach, learn, and communicate solutions. Response, Re/Action and Revolt can be spontaneous, systematic, militant, peaceful, theoretical, practical, historical, contemporary, passionate or ambitious. We welcome research, education, activism, and artistic production that investigates while complicates and expands the dimensions of economic, cultural, and political systems, and provides a unique insight into the reshaping of societies. We are accepting proposals for panel and paper presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, screenings, artistic displays or performances on the conference theme and including, but not limited to, the following questions and themes.

– How might the intersection of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, education, animality, agriculture, spirituality, and environmental issues etc. be used as an avenue of change?

– What are the similarities and overlaps between teaching/learning and activism?

– How can we empower the responses and re/actions that threaten global and capitalistic industrial complexes? Academic industrial complexes? Media industrial complexes? Military industrial complexes?

– What are the methods to balancing extremity and austerity?

– How do we position and encourage the representation and work of peripheral political movements?

– What are the means and solutions to fighting widespread ambivalence and apathy?

– Power dynamics within progressive groups and revolutionary systems.

– The effective methods to communicate responses, re/actions, and revolts.

– Historical responses to austerity, change, and productive thought.

– Burgeoning and established scientific, medical and environmental conduits of change.

– The cross section of regionalism, localism, and globalism as a seed of change.

– Popular culture and austerity.

– The art and music of activism or the activism of art and music.

– Popular culture, artistic production, digital technologies, animal, sports, food, literary and media relationships to capitalistic overproduction and progressive underproduction.

– The production and delineation of mainstream, underground, and guerrilla information/knowledge systems.

We recognize that contemporary discourses and practices engender a wide range of techniques that remodel theoretical, political activism, academic analysis and cultural production. We therefore welcome innovative and thoughtful presentations that this list lacks to encapsulate.

Abstracts of 300 words should be sent to battlegroundstates(at) and must be submitted no later than December 15th, 2011. Submissions should include media equipment requests and any special presentation requests. Panel, performance, and artistic display proposals are welcome and should include a 300-word abstract and contact information for all participants.

Please visit our website for information about The Culture Club and Battleground States:

All other inquiries should be directed to Elisabeth Woronzoff, Culture Club President, eworonz(at)