Going Viral Against HIV: Social Media & Prevention

Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center & Pride Month at NYU present

Going Viral Against HIV: Social Media & Prevention

This interactive workshop explores the powerful potential of social media as a tool in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Discussing the need for prevention services among young people, MSM, and women of color, we will explore how messages are crafted and delivered to at-risk communities. Examining different styles of messages, we ask why certain messages are effective, how certain prevention messages can work to re-inscribe stigma, and larger questions about the production and regulation of desires. Learn more about how we can take action and go “viral” against HIV/AIDS in our communities!

Tuesday October 4th, 6 – 7PM
NYU Kimmel Center, Suite 602
60 Washington Square South


Free and open to the public. Wheelchair accessible. Please bring photo ID.

Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center’s mission is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other harms among at-risk communities. Using a harm reduction philosophy, the center provides programs that are based on nonjudgmental acceptance, evidence-based health science, and human rights. We accomplish this goal by offering practical strategies ranging from safer use to abstinence. In this supportive environment, we provide safe injection equipment, information on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, risk reduction strategies, and safer sex practices, mental health services, case management, and overdose prevention.

To volunteer or find out more information, please contact us:

25 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
212 226 6333 ex 106


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