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The Feminist Wire!

Please check out, read, share, follow and contribute to The Feminist Wire, a new online journal co-founded by Hortense Spillers and Tamura Lomax.

The work and mission of The Feminist Wire is to provide a socio-political and cultural critique of anti-feminist opinions, practices, orientations, etc., that block or limit the satisfaction of goods or ends that humans minimally require for maintaining a biological life.


The founding of this site was inspired by the sense of crisis that we respectively feel regarding the state of the nation, including popular misperceptions about the achievements of feminist critique. Some of the concerns that we believe need immediate attention are:

* Our shattered political culture, brought on in part by our country’s ill-fated pursuit of wars abroad and the abandonment of a vision of social justice at home.

* The threat to democratic possibilities induced by rampant corporatism and unbridled neo-liberal economic practices; as an accompaniment to the latter, American society is permeated by propaganda most demonstratively expressed at media sources defined by a commitment to unrelenting right-wing doxa.

* The lapse of sustained citizen participation (as the recent election turn out will attest) and the ongoing dismantling of the public sphere as a result.

* The threat to women’s reproductive freedom and health, exacerbated by violence directed at medical personnel and health-care givers.

* The failure of America’s political class to act honestly, democratically, and boldly in the current political climate and to do so along a series of faultlines and stress points, i.e., comprehensive immigration reform, campaign finance reform, and industrial policy, among them.

* The dangers of “ presentism” unleavened by a respect for history and knowledge of it.

Each of these issues has the potential to open out into all the others. It is our hope that The Feminist Wire might intervene by making common cause with voices and visions similar to our own.

Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman, Ph.D.
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