CSGS Visiting Scholar: Darnell L. Moore

CSGS Visiting Scholar: 2011/2012

Darnell L. MooreDarnell L. Moore

Darnell L. Moore’s research seeks to put the broad notion of religiosity (and the theologies and practices of African American denominational churches, in specific) in conversation with theoretical interventions like queer theory, cultural studies and ethnic studies. A central concern that figures in his writing is the notion of religiosity as an additional social force that aids in the construction, and constriction, of bodies and of human lives. His writing has appeared in Black Theology: An International Journal; Theology & Sexuality; Pneuma: The Journal of the Society of Pentecostal Studies (forthcoming); and Transscripts: A Journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences at UC Irvine. Darnell has served appointments as a Visiting Fellow at Yale Divinity School and Lecturer in the Women & Gender Studies Department at Rutgers-New Brunswick. He is also an active member of the queer activist community in Newark, NJ where he serves as the Chair of Mayor Cory Booker of Newark’s Advisory Commission on LGBTQ Concerns and Education Chair of the Newark Pride Alliance. During his “regular” life, he is the Associate Director of the Newark Schools Research Collaborative (NSRC) and an Affiliate of the Institute on Education Law and Policy (IELP) both at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark. He holds a BA in Social & Behavioral Sciences (Seton Hall University), MA in Counseling (Eastern University) and MA in Theological Studies (Princeton Theological Seminary).

Current research:

The preached word and the performance of preaching (and the theologies that shape the preaching moment and the “word” shared) are but additional apparatuses of power and modalities of knowledge production that act upon and shape desires, fashion culture and construct bodies in both constructive and destructive ways. My research, then, is an investigation of the ways that religiosity figures in the construction of the gendered (and sexed, raced, classed and (dis)abled) body and shows up in the production of epistemic bodies? And, it examines the means, or routes, through which such knowledges traverse? The scholarship that I have produced during the past few years has emerged in response to these and other critical questions. The papers that I will be working on during my appointment will continue along this investigatory trajectory broadly examining the notion of identity and the interlocational and intersectional matrices of sexuality and gender, in specific.

Recent panel discussion transcript:
Homophobia and HIV Risk: What’s Family Got to Do With It?

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You can email Darnell L. Moore at dlm420(at)nyu.edu