“Axiom 1: People are different from each other. It is astonishing how few conceptual tools we have for dealing with this self-evident fact.” - Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

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Call for Transgender/Intersex/DSD/Cross-Dresser/Gender Queer-Identified Survey Participants

Survey on Successful Aging and Later Life Challenges

Hello, my name is Professor Tarynn M. Witten and I am looking for individuals who are willing to participate in an international research survey aimed at understanding how individuals with non-traditional gender identities (transgender, transsexual, cross-dresser, trans-queer, gender queer, intersex, DSD, and other gender identities) prepare to address traditional later life challenges such as retirement, health care, money challenges and other later life problems that might arise as they age.

Current research in aging speaks of the importance of a number of factors that contribute to successful aging in a population. Among these areas of importance are planning for later life challenges. With the growing number of transgender-identified and intersex/DSD-identified elders worldwide, we hope to gain more information about how transgender-identified and intersex/DSD-identified persons are preparing for later-life. Your information will be used to help develop positive aging programs for intersex/DSD-identified and transgender-identified individuals. This research represents first of a kind research in this area.

If you decide to take part, we will ask you to fill out the online survey located at the following web-address:

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes of your time. Everything that we learn about you in the study will be confidential. The survey is anonymous. If we publish the results of the study in a scientific magazine or book, we will not identify you in any way. No agency or organization will be allowed to see the survey results. Your decision to take part in this study is voluntary. You are free to choose not to take part in the study.

The investigator is Professor Tarynn M. Witten. If you have questions, please feel free to ask Dr. Witten. She can be reached at (804) 827-7371 [office], [email], [web].

The Virginia Commonwealth University committee that reviews research on human subjects (Institutional Review Board) will answer any questions about your rights as a survey participant. The IRB can be reached at (804) 828-0868 [phone] or online at . This research project carries VCU IRB approval number # HM 12851.

Please feel free to cross-post, circulate and otherwise transmit this call for participants in whatever manner you choose. The more information we gather, the strong the results and the case that we can make.

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