“A book on radical feminism that did not deal with love would be a political failure.” -Shulamith Firestone

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Inside the Revolution: Power, Sex, and Technique in Freud’s “Wild” Analysis

Inside the Revolution: Power, Sex, and Technique in Freud’s “Wild” Analysis
Scientific Meeting

Thursday, October 21
8:00 pm

Muriel Dimen, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
The American Institute for Psychoanalysis
The Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Center

329 East 62nd Street

At once profound and full of holes, “Wild” Analysis simultaneously declares a revolution and forges an orthodoxy. In 1910, psychoanalysis was like an exuberant plant, leafing idea upon idea, theory upon theory. But it was ahead of itself, too straight for its native immoderation. This décalage was no anomaly. Key to another revolution – and counter-revolution – that, reciprocally, gave rise to it, psychoanalysis was living in interesting times. So I situate Freud’s essay in both its local and its global histories, even while reading it closely for its deployment of power. As I go, I take up Freud’s topics, sexuality and technique, in terms of excess and hybridity, and end with a thought on technique and the primal crime.

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** FALL 2017 EVENTS **

** FALL 2017 EVENTS **