“In effect, we live in a legal, social, and institutional world where the only relations possible are extremely few, extremely simplified, and extremely poor. There is, of course, the relation of marriage, and the relations of family, but how many other relations should exist…!” -Michel Foucault

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Call for Papers: Thinking Gender 2011


Thinking Gender 2011

21st Annual Graduate Student Research Conference

Thinking Gender is a public conference highlighting graduate student research on women, gender and sexuality across all disciplines and historical periods. We invite submissions for individual papers or pre-constituted panels. This year, we especially welcome papers addressing women, gender and sexuality in relation to:

· Food (sustainability, food justice, marketing, disordered eating, food preparation)
· Money (the economy, microfinance, entrepreneurship, consumerism, the global marketplace, business practices)
· The Academy (innovative research methodologies, human subjects, power relations, epistemologies, the Archive)
· Invented Pathologies (menopause, PMS, female sexual dysfunction, the medicalization of sex).

For individual papers, please submit an abstract (250 words), a CV (2 pages maximum), and a brief bibliography (3-5 sources). For panels, please submit a 250-word description of the panel topic in addition to the materials required for the individual paper submissions. Please see the submission guidelines at

Send submissions to:

Deadline for Submissions: October 22, 2010, by midnight

Conference is Friday, February 11, 2011, at the UCLA Faculty Center.

Event is free and open to the public, but there will be a $25 registration fee for presenters, to cover the cost of conference materials and lunch at the Faculty Center.

Parking is reserved at UCLA, Lot #2 for $10

UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Box 957222 / Public Policy 1400H
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7222

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